How the Dentist and Epidural are Connected

How the Dentist and Epidural are Connected
Have you ever gone to the dentist to have a procedure done, only to find out you can't get numb?  What about the numbing wears off before they get done?  Ever woke up from surgery while they were still operating? Have you ever hard a hard time controlling pain with medication?  You might be one of the lucky ones, or should I say unlucky.

There are a handful of people that metabolize pain medication quicker than the average person.  If any of the questions that were mentioned above have happened to you, then you are one of these people.  Once the dentist or doctor knows this about you, they can affectively treat you.  Unfortunately, this is a trial process.  You get treated like the average person until they find out otherwise.  So I am sure you are asking what does this have to do with getting an epidural.  Much!

Just like at the dentist, you will metabolize the medication used to keep you comfortable during labor.  This same thing will happen with an epidural, spinal or under general anesthesia.  Knowing this ahead of time will save you time and pain during labor.  With an epidural, you should be comfortable within 10-20 minutes.  If your provider does not know you metabolize medication quickly then you will continue to have break thru pain and they will have to adjust your epidural level.  It is frustrating when you want relief and your not getting it.  You would not want to have a caesarean and start feeling surgery before they were done or wake up during the surgery if they put you under general anesthesia.   Let the anesthesia provider know that you have a hard time getting numb at the dentist and they can adjust accordingly with the amount and type of medication they give you from the beginning.  Be sure to let your nurse know as well so she can remind anesthesia if you are not able to speak or think clearly during this time. 

If you don't have this problem at the dentist, please don't tell them you do.  (I know some of you were thinking this because you are scared and want to feel nothingšŸ˜‰)  If they dose you as if you do, then you will be too numb and not be able to push properly which can lead to other problems.     

Getting the epidural allows your body to relax and make the changes necessary to birth your baby (you can still do this without an epiduralšŸ˜‰), maybe even get some sleep before the big performance.  Epidurals are not for everyone.  If you are not handling pain well then the labor process will slow and make for a frustrating time for you as you are still feeling the contractions painfully.  In this case, get the epidural!  If you can focus enough and relax during labor then you should do it without the epidural.  This is not to say that you will not feel anything with the epidural, cause believe me, pressure is REAL!  As your baby makes it's way into the birth canal you will feel rectal pressure and the urge to push.  This is a good thing!  It's time to meet your baby!

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