5 Reasons You Should NEVER Have a Doula During Birth

5 Reasons You Should NEVER Have a Doula During Birth
What does a doula do anyway?   They know about birth but so does my labor nurse.  They only are used for natural births, and since I want an epidural, I do not need one.   Doula’s help with positioning and charge me for it, I do not need that extra expense with a baby on the way, especially since the hospital has nurses for free.   I have heard and believed these things for years so I wanted to make sure others knew when they should not use a doula.  

  1. If you do not mind having a cesarean section.  Doula’s help women to increase their chances of having a vaginal birth.  They know positions to help baby to engage in the pelvis quicker, relax mother so they can dilate quicker and encourage the mother when they are ready to give up.  Some people are fine with a cesarean section and may opt for it from the start.  If this is you, then maybe a doula is not for you.
  2. If you feel 100% comfortable with labor and confident in the process.  Doula’s help to decrease the negative feelings that surround childbirth.   Birth is meant to be positive and they help you answer any questions you might have before birth, during and after.   Basically, it is like having your best friend with you during labor, doing everything to make you at ease.  If you already know everything or enjoy flying by the seat of your pants, then maybe you do not need a doula.
  3. If you enjoy having metal or suction instruments applied to your baby’s head to get baby out, chancing you tearing more and injuring your baby.  Many times, at delivery your baby will need to be assisted out with forceps or a vacuum.  Having a doula decreases the chances of needing to have these used.  If this does not bother you at all, then maybe you do not need a doula.
  4. If you like to labor for days before meeting your baby.  Having a doula can shorten the time you are in labor.  The nurse many times has other patients and can not devote all their time to you.  Having a doula allows that one on one time.  If you like having strong contractions for longer then you need to, then maybe you do not need a doula.  
  5. If you like suffering from postpartum depression.  Doula’s can help you have the labor that you desire, help with breastfeeding and be a sounding board after delivery.  These things decrease your chances of having postpartum depression.   Doula’s love helping women birth and seeing that bond that comes from delivery.  They will be there after delivery as well.  If you enjoy being sad and not connecting with your baby, then maybe you do not need a doula.    
There is NO evidence that having continuous support in labor has any negative outcomes 🤯NONE!

Please hear my heart... this must be said, heard and repeated....
Doulas want you to be informed, know the ins and out of birth, your options and to be completely supported throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. You, your baby, and your pregnancy are unique. It is not supposed to look like anything but what you need it to.
Doulas support ALL Births....Will they support your birth?
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